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Books To Help Your Child Learn About Oral Healthcare And Prepare For A Dental Visit

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While tooth decay is a preventable health condition, approximately 42 percent of children in the U.S. have had cavities in their primary teeth. If you are a parent that struggles to get your child to take care of their teeth and not put up a fight when it is time for a dental visit, consider using books to help change your child's perception of oral healthcare.

Books Featuring Famous Characters

Taking a toddler to the dentist may fill you with dread. Reading books to your child that that feature famous characters can help your child become more relaxed during dental visits.

  • Elmo Visits the Dentist Kids who love Sesame Street's Elmo will enjoy this story about their favorite Muppet taking The Big Bad Wolf to the dentist for toothache care. You can also download a free Elmo-themed dental care worksheet from the Sesame Street website to help your child remember to brush.
  • Barney Goes to the Dentist This book featuring the lovable purple and green dinosaur explains to kids what happens during a dental visit.
  • Behold, No Cavities! A Visit to the Dentist (SpongeBob SquarePants) This book features SpongeBob SquarePants and his sidekick Patrick. As SpongeBob happily anticipates his regular dental checkup, he is horrified to find out that his pal Patrick has never brushed his teeth. The book details the adventures of the duo at the dentist.
  • The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food The Berenstain Bears have been entertaining kids via children's books for over 50 years. If you have young ones who love junk food, you can add this book to your arsenal of tactics to help them learn healthier eating habits and enjoy food that will not wreak havoc on their teeth.

Adult Books about Pediatric Dentistry

If you want to learn more about your child's dental health so you can relay accurate information in your own words, spend some time reading books that target parents

  • Growing Up Cavity Free: A Parent's Guide to Prevention This book will help you begin taking care of your child's teeth from the moment they begin teething. It includes tips on effective brushing for toddlers and teaches you how to recognize dental issues.
  • Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food This easy-to-read book is great for parents and young readers. It is chock full of interesting facts about fast food, such as how much sugar is in carbonated drinks. It explains how burgers, hot dogs and other tasty popular fast foods affect your overall health including the condition of teeth. You can use these facts to help discourage your child from choosing unhealthy foods for lunch at school.

If your child already loves story time, adding books about dentistry and oral health can be an effective tool for promoting healthy dental habits. Some of the books listed above are also available as e-books for reading on tablets and smartphones. For more tips on caring for your children's teeth you can talk to the dentists at a local clinic, like North Phoenix Pediatric Dentistry.