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Three Simple Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Acne

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Acne: it can be the bane of a teenager's existence and a nightmare for professional adults. Ranging from an occasional pimple to an all-out war against your skin, acne can lower your confidence and cause you to shell out serious cash on chemicals and other treatments that make promises of clear skin. However, what if you could find simple ways to prevent this common condition and get on with your life? Here are a few tips to keep your skin looking its best.

1) Go Makeup Free

Makeup can block your pores and add oils to your skin that breed pimples. If you do like to wear cosmetics, make sure to do so sparingly. Opt for oil-free products that are naturally derived. Additionally, make sure to wash your makeup off before you go to bed with a gentle cleanser. This way, you won't be sleeping in your cosmetics all night, helping your skin to breathe easy.

2) Reduce Hair Products

It may be surprising, but what you put in your hair oftentimes directly correlates to what goes on your skin. Any hair product that gets on your skin (think gels and sprays) can block your pores and cause acne and irritation. Try to keep your hair away from your face, and be sure to wash your hair often if it tends to be oily. Also, do your best to keep your hands in check – touching your face often to move your hair can also lead to more oil and pimples!

3) Stay in the Shade

Although we all like a little sunshine now and again, the ultraviolet rays of the sun can increase irritation and redness in your skin. If that weren't bad enough, certain types of acne medications can make your skin even more sensitive to the sun. To prevent this irritation, it's best to stay out of the sun during peak hours (10:00am through 2:00pm). Be sure to also wear a natural sunscreen, and wash it off with a gentle cleanser when you come back inside.

Regain Your Confidence 

When acne is a persistent problem that is inhibiting your confidence, consider taking a visit to a professional for treatment. If you've won the battle against acne but still have the scars to prove it, a medical spa, like Dr Z MedSpa, could also provide laser scar removal.

Acne is an inconvenience that can be prevented in most cases with some simple lifestyle changes. Through watching how you treat your skin, you could be well on your way to a bright, clear face in no time.