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The Clinically Proven Stress-Busting Benefits Of Reiki

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Stress is something that a tremendous amount of Americans struggle with daily: an estimated 75-90% of all visits to the doctor are related to stress or stress-induced illnesses. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, depression, and some sufferers begin abusing drugs in order to try and find relief. Thankfully, among other natural and alternative therapies offered by companies like Alaska Natural Health Solutions, there's a method for stress relief that's gaining popularity and studies that show its stress-reducing benefits: reiki, a form of energy medicine.

Studies Prove The Benefits

Many studies looking at the efficacy of reiki have found that it's beneficial in reducing stress, pain, depression, anxiety and can improve sleep quality and relaxation. While no one's sure for yet exactly how reiki works on a scientific level, it does seem to improve the health of those who are exposed to it.

What A Treatment Consists Of

Reiki practitioners believe that they are channeling energy from a higher source directly into you, and that energy goes wherever it's most needed. Removing your clothes is never necessary to receive a reiki treatment. Reiki practitioners usually place their hands on your head, torso and back, but are able to deliver the same treatment without making physical contact if that's what you prefer; they'll hover their hands over you a few inches above your body instead.

The most common sensations when receiving a reiki treatment are warmth, tingling, or a general sense of relaxation. It's quite common to fall asleep during a treatment. Once your session is complete, it's recommended that you drink more water than usual to help flush any toxins that have been released into the body.

Becoming A Reiki Practitioner

One of the best things about reiki is that you can take a class to learn it for yourself, and then perform it on yourself and others. While some reiki practitioners choose to receive treatments from other practitioners as well, treating yourself has the same relaxation and stress-reducing benefits. You may actually feel better performing the treatments yourself since you can treat yourself more frequently and whenever you feel particularly stressed. Additionally, one tenant of reiki is that a practitioner giving reiki simultaneously receives a reiki healing themselves by channeling the energy, so if you choose to share it with others, you'll benefit as well.

While science still doesn't have an answer for how reiki works, the numerous studies and reports from patients shows that it's a great tool for reducing stress and promoting relaxation.