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How Busy Moms Can Stick To Their New Year's Resolution Of Losing Weight

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New Year's resolutions can be difficult to stick to, especially for busy moms who have to juggle child care, housework, and work obligations. If you're one of those busy moms that is always pressed for time, here are a few tips that will help you stick to your resolution and keep the weight off the whole year:

Use the buddy system

Sticking to a resolution can be difficult, especially when you can quietly stop following your new exercise or diet routine without anyone noticing. To create an extra obstacle to quitting, set a plan with a buddy and have him or her check in with you frequently, like every day or every week.

You can even meet your buddy at the gym a few times during the week to make sure you both are sticking to your new exercise routine. Just having another person that you have to be accountable to can make a big difference in whether you have the resolve to stick to your plan.

Take advantage of technology

Amid the millions of apps that have been released, there have been several apps that allow people to keep track of their calories. These apps make it easy for you to input what you eat and exactly how much you eat, and they also make it easy to keep track of how many calories you've burned through a variety of activities.

Since there is quite a bit of competition in this app market, most of the apps are very user-friendly and cater to everyone from the elite athlete to the couch potato who is just beginning an exercise program. For example, exercises that you can enter on apps include everything from walking and gardening to snowboarding and mountain climbing.

Take it easy

It's tempting to jump into a vigorous exercise routine right away, since you have the drive and energy to do so right when the new year begins. However, this can often spell disaster, as over-working yourself can lead to fatigue and even injury.

If your muscles aren't used to working a certain way, they need to be accustomed to their new movements and strengthened gradually over the course of a few months. Otherwise, repetitive physical activities can lead to arm injuries commonly known as "tennis elbow" and knee and hip pain that can make even regular movements difficult.

If you do feel that you've jumped in head first to a routine that you can't keep up, give yourself a week to recover and then rework your routine so that you are exerting yourself at about half or three-fourths of your initial energy level. You can also consult with an athletic trainer or physical therapist to discuss how you can best strengthen your muscles without putting too much stress on them.

As a busy mom, you want to be able to stay active and healthy so that you can keep up with your kids. Setting a New Year's resolution for losing weight is great, but that's only the first step in your journey towards a healthier you. Having a buddy help keep track of your progress, using apps, and taking it easy on yourself are all excellent steps towards reaching your goals.

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