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Ten Surprising Facts About Independent Living For Seniors

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Aging baby boomers to the tune of 77 million are moving toward a new approach to their golden years. This large demographic wants security and social interaction, but desire the freedom of independent living. Check below for 10 surprising facts you may not know about today's independent housing for seniors.

  1. Younger seniors are making the move. Most communities welcome those as young as 60 years old. Seniors are realizing much earlier that they want the carefree and secure lifestyle these communities offer.
  2. Not just a room. Choices in accommodations vary from apartments to complete standalone houses. Seniors love that the maintenance, yard work and upkeep are taken care of by the community.
  3. Homelike atmosphere. Bring your own furniture and settle into clean and safe homes with senior friendly floor plans and bathrooms.
  4. It's like an extended vacation. Resort-like amenities are often available including massage and physical therapy sessions. Most communities offer the option to eat a prepared meal in a dining room or have something delivered right to your door. Hair and nail salons are usually available.
  5. Medical needs are taken care of, no matter what you need. You will find the full range of services from an on-site clinic to visiting home health nurses. For more advanced needs, there are options for assisted living and memory care, creating a seamless transition for those needing more care.
  6. Safe and secure accommodations with gated entrances, security cameras and access for pre-screened visitors.
  7. Interactions with surrounding communities. More and more facilities offer events that bring surrounding towns together with its residents through craft and art fairs, special holiday programs and fund-raising events for local charities.
  8. Health and fitness options that range from weight and cardio equipment, exercise and dance classes, to golf and tennis.
  9. Social activities allow these facilities to really shine. Organized and regular events fill the calendar with games, cards, dances, movie nights, entertainers, classes, shopping trips, and even organized travel and tours.
  10. The biggest fun to hit senior facilities: the Wii. Seniors cannot get enough of this activity that allows them to play tennis or go bowling no matter what the weather brings.

As you can see, independent living has changed dramatically to accommodate our aging baby boom population. Today's seniors are demanding more and facilities are stepping up to the bat to accommodate the demand. Seniors are taking advantage of the opportunities to make sure that their quality of life continues as long as possible. Talk to experts like Carriage Oaks Retirement Community for more information.