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4 Popular Senior Care Options

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As a person ages, he or she may get to the point where it is no longer possible to care for one's self properly. It can be hard to watch a family member or loved one lose his or her self-sufficiency, but you can help by assisting in finding the ideal senior care option. There are many senior care options available, including:

Adult Day Centers

Adult day centers provide a safe and comfortable place for senior citizens to relax and socialize. Most adult day centers have an experienced staff that can provide basic medical care, such as administering medication. You may want to consider an adult day center if your elderly family member lives with you and you work full time- he or she can spend the day at the center while you are at work, and you can rest assured that he or she will be well cared for.

In Home Care

In home care is a viable option for seniors who are not ready to give up the independence of living alone, but need help with day to day tasks. There are several types of in home care available; you can hire someone to provide companionship, a caregiver to assist with errands and personal hygiene, or in home medical care. When you opt for in home care, you can select the number of hours that your elderly family member needs assistance, and you can pick the type of in home care that best suits the situation.

Assisted Living Community

An assisted living community is a good compromise for a senior citizen who still wants a semblance of independence. In an assisted living facility the residents typically have their own living quarters, but there is staff on hand to help them with different tasks throughout the day. Most assisted living centers also provide meals and offer events and activities for the residents to enjoy. Another benefit of an assisted living facility is the fact that most are able to provide transportation, which is good for senior citizens who no longer drive.

Nursing Home

For a senior citizen with health problems, a nursing home may be the best care option. In a nursing home your family member will have access to around the clock nursing care, and all of his or her medical needs will be met. A nursing home is also a safe place for a person with Alzheimer's disease or dementia to live. Monthly rates for a nursing home typically include room, meals, and nursing care.

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