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3-D Printing: Beneficial Technology For Children Born Missing Limbs

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While many babies are born missing an arm or an leg or both do get fitted with a prosthetic from a clinic like Cotton Orthotic and Prosthetic later in childhood, just as many children born the same way never get the artificial limbs they need for making the most of their abilities and of their lives. The good news is thanks to modern 3-D printing technology, every child has a better chance of getting the artificial limbs necessary for living a better life.

One Down, Maybe Several More To Go

If a baby is born without a limb, being fitted with an artificial limb early in life is important for emotional and physical development. However, as a child grows from toddler to teen, the need for new artificial limbs is great. Sadly, many families cannot afford to purchase more than one prosthetic for their child, meaning that child may need to wait until he or she is a teen before getting their first artificial limb. The cost of an artificial limb made using 3-D technology costs a lot less, making it more affordable for families to provide the needed number of artificial limbs during early childhood to young adulthood.

3-D Printing Can Make Cool Customized Prosthetic Limbs

Children can have a cool sense of style, especially when it comes to the artificial limbs they must wear every day. Traditionally, a customized limb can be extremely expensive. With 3-D printing, your child has a choice between various cool colors like neon pink. The 3-D limb is printed using a tough, easy to handle plastic material, perfect for kids, especially when it comes to clean up time after eating or playing outside. No parent wants to consider a prosthetic for their that is hard to keep germ free, making the plastic 3-D artificial limb a good choice for sanitary reasons alone.

The Child With Only Missing Fingers

One great benefit of 3-D printing technology is it supports diversification easily. No matter if you need an entire wrist and hand or just a couple of fingers, you can have it using this type of artificial limb creation. When you stop to consider the number of children born every year without hands, legs or feet, it is easy to see the intense need for 3-D printing of artificial limbs.

Every Kid Deserves The Chance To Be A Superhero

Many kids today have heroes made out of metal: huge robots. If you have seen the robot superheroes in your child's favorite movies, you may have noticed the design of the hands and feet. You may find the design of 3-D printed prosthetic limbs bearing a resemblance to a robot's hands and feet. For this reason, your child may not be as embarrassed to wear a 3-D printed prosthetic limb.

Every kid deserves to experience a normal, fulfilling life. Thanks to 3-D printing, kids today that might not have gotten a prosthetic limb can have more than one.