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Allergy Season: 3 Survival Tips To Prevent Sniffling And Sneezing

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Spring can be a miserable time for people who suffer from allergies. Over 40 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. This type of weather makes you want to spend time outside but can be difficult when constantly sneezing. You should talk to an allergist to find out your treatment options. Here are three tips to help you control your allergies during pollen season.

Get an Allergy Test

It helps to determine what causes you to have an allergic reaction. This information helps with finding an effective treatment. Certain plants, trees or substances may cause you to sneeze or sniffle.

An allergy test combined with your detailed medical history can determine the specific things that provoke your allergic reaction. You can get a test done by scheduling an appointment with an allergist. Allergy testing can be done as a skin test or as a blood test.

Wear Cotton

Wear clothing made of natural fibers like cotton. Cotton allows your body to breathe and stay dry longer. This also prevents mold from growing.

It is in your best interest to avoid clothing made of synthetic fabrics. When synthetic fabrics rub together, it creates an electric charge. This charge attracts pollen.

Try Medication

Allergies can be treated with a variety of medications. However, you should start with antihistamines.

When your body comes in contact with an allergy trigger, it makes chemicals that are called histamines. Example of allergy triggers are pet dander, ragweed, dust mites and pollen. They cause your eyes and nose to run, swells the tissue in your nose and causes your mouth, nose and eyes to itch. Allergy triggers can also cause you to develop hives. Hives cause a itchy rash to show up on different parts of your body.

Antihistamines can block or reduce histamines which results in stopping your allergy symptoms. You can get antihistamines without a prescription at your local drug store. If the antihistamines are not effective, then you should schedule an appointment with an allergist specialist for an alternative treatment. An allergy specialist can prescribe allergy shots, nasal sprays and other stronger medications.

There are a lot of particles in the air that can trigger your allergies at any time. You need to determine what provokes your allergy symptoms and avoid these allergens. It is hard for people with allergies to enjoy time outside without taking precautions. The only way to survive allergies is know what provokes your symptoms. For more information, contact a business such as Oak Brook Allergists.