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Tips For Making Your Colonoscopy Prep More Comfortable

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If your doctor has scheduled you for a colonoscopy, you will most likely have a couple of days of preparation before your procedure. Since it is meant to clean out your bowels, the laxative and possible enema may have you cringing before you even begin. If so, use the following tips to make yourself as comfortable as possible during the prep.

Plan Sedentary Activities That Are Close To A Bathroom

Before you even take your first dose of the laxative or use your first enema, think of things you can do that do not involve a lot of activity. These could be reading books or magazines at home or watching a movie marathon. You may also want to invite your family or friends to play board or video games to keep you occupied in between bathroom trips.

Speaking of bathroom trips, make sure you stay close to one while you are performing the prep. After your first dose, you will have to make many trips to the bathroom. This is because the prep cleanses your intestines of all fecal matter so the doctor can clearly see inside your bowels, aiding in the detection of any abnormalities.

Warm Up The Enema Bottle Before Using It

Although necessary, you may not be looking forward to using an enema. You can make this part of the prep more comfortable by placing the bottle in warm water for a few minutes before administering to yourself. This not only decreases the cold sensation, but it can also help reduce any cramping caused by it or the laxatives.

To warm up your enema, fill your sink or bucket with enough warm water to cover the bottle. Submerge it for about five minutes, then use immediately while it is still warm.

Use Moist Towelettes Instead Of Toilet Paper

With so many trips to the bathroom, your bottom may start to feel sore after having to wipe frequently. To decrease the discomfort, use moist towelettes instead of toilet paper. Not only will they clean the area more thoroughly than dry paper, but you will not have to rub as hard. This helps decrease the friction that can make your delicate skin are sore.

Using the tips above can help you get through your prep. However, if you are still concerned about any part of the preparation process, you may want to ask a colonoscopy screening doctor like Clinical Gastrointestinal Associates, PC for any suggestions.