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Natural Ways To Relieve Your Child's Dry Itchy Skin

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Dry skin in young children can be very hard to deal with. The itching that occurs can cause a high level of discomfort. If your child is suffering from dry itchy skin and you would like to know some natural remedies for easing this condition, then here are a few effective solutions to this problem.


Clay can be used to reduce or eliminate itching in the skin. Here is how you can use clay to soothe your child's skin.

You will need:

  • Clay
  • A Bowl
  • Filtered Water/ Apple cider vinegar

Here is how you can use the clay:

Mix the clay in the bowl until it is creamy. Once it is creamy you can then apply it to the areas of the skin that are rough, itchy and flaking. Allow the mixture to dry on the skin and after at least an hour you can peel it off.

You can also make a clay pack with the clay and use it on your child's dry itchy skin. To make a clay pack, spread the clay unto a piece of cloth. The material should be porous, so it is best to use cotton or flannel. Place the cloth onto the affected area. You can use plastic wrap or bandaging tape to keep the pack in place.

You may use apple cider vinegar instead of water when mixing the clay. Apple cider vinegar has anti-septic as well as anti-fungal agents that can help to relieve any inflammation in the skin that has caused it to become itchy.

Peppermint Leaves

Peppermint leaves are another effective solution to your child's itchy skin. Peppermint leaves have a cooling effect on the skin and this will help to eliminate itching.  You can crush up the peppermint leaves and then apply them directly to your child's skin to relieve itching. However, if you do not need to use it immediately you can freeze the leaves before rubbing them on the skin for a more soothing effect. The icy nature of the peppermint will help to reduce any swelling that may be in the affected area.

Dry skin in young children can cause them to scratch and this can tear the skin and lead to bleeding. Natural remedies that are free of chemicals are often the best solution to relieve your child's itchy skin. The two natural remedies outlined here will eliminate the need to use expensive treatments to control dry itchy skin.

Talk to your pediatrician before trying at-home methods or if the problem persists.