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Why You Need To Have Eye Exams On A Regular Basis

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Protecting your vision is important and, for many people, something they do not think much about it until there is a problem with it. Taking the best care of your eyes means you visiting an eye doctor on a regular basis for exams that can determine if your vision is still good and if there are any problems developing. Learn more about some reasons why you need to always maintain a schedule for regular eye exams.

It's Good To Monitor No Matter How Old You Are

Just because you are young and have no problems with your vision does not mean you should not regular eye exams. Small vision problems can develop slowly over time, and by catching them early, you have better chances of correcting them. For example, you can develop a form of premature presbyopia, commonly referred to as nearsightedness, if you eat an unhealthy diet or take certain medications. You can also develop hyperopia, farsightedness, at a younger age than normal. In fact, some people are born with a defect called refractive error, a defect that is the same as hyperopia. By having your eyes examined regularly, your eye doctor can prescribe corrective lenses and other treatments for eye conditions that could turn into worse problems later in life.

Problems That Happen Gradually Without Obvious Symptoms

Some serious eye conditions happen so slowly you may not realize you are losing your vision. Glaucoma is one of these conditions, often being the reason many people become blind later in life. By visiting your eye doctor on a regular basis, he or she can catch glaucoma is its earliest stages, giving your doctor the chance to treat it for maintaining your healthy vision. Glaucoma is not curable, but proper management of it can help you retain your sight.

Regular Eye Exams Can Help You Avoid The Consequences Of Disease

Having your eyes examined regularly can be beneficial for more than just your vision. Your eye doctor can detect underlying medical conditions by the ways your eyes act. Some serious diseases can be treated if caught early enough, another good reason to have your eyes examined regularly. For example, some of the conditions your eyes can foretell about include the following:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Some cancers
  • Brain tumors
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis

Taking the best care of your eyes is a good way to also care for your overall good health. If you have not had your eyes examined in a while, making an appointment now is a good idea, so talk with a local eye clinic, such as Family Eye Health & Contact Lens Center.