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Common Concerns Before The First Chiropractic Appointment

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If you've finally bit the bullet and made your first appointment with a chiropractor, you might be feeling a bit nervous. A lot of patients have some concerns and worries before their first appointment. Here's a look at those concerns and the information you need to ease your mind.

Will you have to take your clothes off?

If you're self conscious about your body, you might be worried about the need to undress or wear a paper gown in front of your chiropractor. The good news is that most adjustments can be done with your clothing on. You'll have to take off heavy coats and jackets, but thin t-shirts and pants can be left in place. Your chiropractor may have to lift up your shirt in the back to expose your back briefly, but this should be the extent of the skin you need to show.

Will it hurt?

If you listen while someone's back is adjusted, the sounds you hear might make it seem like the process would hurt. Luckily, it doesn't. The popping noise is similar to that which you experience when you crack your knuckles, and like cracking your knuckles, having your back adjusted is painless. In fact, many patients find that the experience is relaxing and rejuvenating. Your chiropractor will warn you before stretching and adjusting anything, so you know when to expect the popping noises and pressure.

Can you really trust your chiropractor with your health?

Chiropractors have gotten a bad reputation as being "quacks." This is just a myth that's usually perpetuated by those who know little to nothing about the profession. Chiropractors spend 3.5 to 4 years in professional school after having already earned a Bachelor's degree. Chiropractic school is similar in terms of difficulty to medical school. Students learn extensively about the anatomy and physiology of the body in addition to learning hands-on adjustment techniques. Surely, there are bad eggs in every profession – but if you visit a chiropractor who is proud to display his or her qualifications and has a history of success, you should feel completely safe and confident in his or her ability to treat you.

If you have additional concerns about seeing the chiropractor for the first time, don't hesitate to call the chiropractor's office. He or she is used to working with concerned patients and will give you the information you need to feel comfortable and confident.

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