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Are You Looking For Medical Care In A New City?

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If you have recently moved to a new town or city, you are more than likely still trying to get settled. One of the challenges that you might be facing is knowing where to get medical attention. From going to a walk-in medical clinic to establishing yourself with a primary care doctor, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Walk-In Clinic

You've probably seen several walk-in clinics, both where you used to live and now in your new area. However, have you ever actually been inside of a walk-in clinic? In your old city, you probably had a doctor you could call on for times that you had things like the flu or even for a broken arm, so you probably didn't have a reason to go to an urgent care clinic. Consider going to one now and getting yourself established there.

For example, think of going to one that is close to your neighborhood, and maybe even in your neighborhood. See if the clinic takes your insurance and see if you like the people at the front desk. Do you have kids who need last minute physicals for things like summer camp or summer sports training? You might be able to get those physicals right away at the walk-in clinic. Find out what the hours of operation are at the walk-in clinic for future reference.

A Family Doctor

Of course, you'll want to establish yourself and your family with a primary care doctor, too. If you do go to a walk-in clinic and you like what you see, think of asking if the doctor there will take your family on as regular patients. After all, the convenience of just being able to walk in for any type of medical care you or your loved ones need probably makes you think you'd like to do that for other times you need to see a doctor, say for yearly physicals. If the clinic doesn't take regular patients, it is more than likely that the doctor there will be happy to refer you to a family practice doctor.

If the walk-in clinic takes you and your family as regular patients, obviously you can still be referred to a specialist for things that can't be treated at the walk-in clinic. For example, if you find out you're going to have a baby, the staff at the walk-in clinic can refer you to a reputable OB-GYN doctor. 

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