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How Ketamine Can Be Used To Treat Severe Depression

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If you are struggling with depression, you may have attempted many of the treatments that are meant to help you overcome this condition. However, with many patients grappling with depression, none of the treatments seem to have an impact and the only solution that has an effect is a ketamine treatment. 

What Ketamine Does

Ketamine has the ability to flood your brain and take over certain receptors. It's a substance that has the ability to bring people back from the depths of depression. When the drug is not used properly, it can produce some negative side effects. However, many have found promising results if used with doctor supervision.

While ketamine has been used in the past as a pain killer, it is increasingly being looked at as a potential antidepressant. One likely scenario is when a patient is in the hospital with suicidal tendencies and other antidepressant treatments have not been effective. The ketamine is usually introduced either through an IV or through a nasal spray. 

The Speed of Ketamine

For many of the patients who have been injected with ketamine, the effects of the drug have shown themselves within a few hours, with patients feeling 85% better. Although, even if used properly, there may be some negative side effects of ketamine, those experimenting with the drug have been searching for the right dose that will achieve the desired effect without the more harmful side effects. 

Ketamine Vs. Other Treatments

The typical approach doctor's take for a patient suffering from depression is to provide the patient with an antidepressant medication. Some medications take time to build up in the bloodstream, and during emergency situations, the antidepressant medication might not work fast enough.

Many researchers believe that ketamine causes connections to form within brain cells that are involved in your mood. The drug has an effect that is much more rapid than antidepressants. However, at the moment and in the near future, it is not likely to be provided as an over-the-counter treatment due to the risk of addiction and abuse. 

Administering Ketamine

While ketamine cannot be taken as an over-the-counter medication, it can be taken as part of an outpatient treatment. The patient usually comes to a private treatment center to receive a ketamine injection. 

Ketamine is best suited for patients who are suffering from severe depression. If you are suffering from mild or moderate depression, there may be more conservative treatments available to you. But ketamine might be the right treatment if you have been unable to see results with other treatments. For more information, contact a company like Newport Pain Management.