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Too Much Or Not Enough Sex? How To Know What's Right And Healthy For You

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Humans are not born sexual creatures. It is only with the onset of puberty that things change, and a drive to procreate begins. However, some people may have too much sex, which is identified as an addiction. Some people may have too little sex or none at all. You should be able to recognize if you have a healthy approach to sex, and if you realize that you are not approaching it in a healthy way, sexual health therapy can help in all of the following ways. 

Identifying "Too Much" vs. "Not Enough"

It is often easier to identify too much sex rather than not enough. If you are actively seeking sex from one or more partners several times a day (and you are not a prostitute), you might have a "too much" problem. When the urge to have sex is all-encompassing, and you feel as though stopping physically hurts or makes you sick, you may have a classic case of sex addiction. It is important to seek help right away because people with sexual addictions are at an extremely high risk of contracting hepatitis, HIV, and AIDS, among other STIs (sexually transmitted infections). 

Conversely, if you are someone who thinks that they are not having enough sex or is worried that they are not having enough sex, you should look at the reasons why sex is not in your list of priorities. Is it because you are too exhausted? Maybe you do not have a steady partner right now and you are being very cautious about taking random partners with unknown sexual histories home with you. It could just be a complete disinterest it getting that physically intimate with someone and that is okay too.

Where it becomes a problem is when you do have a regular partner, but you still choose abstinence and celibacy over intimacy. This could drive your safe partner away. Find out what is making you feel this way and why. As for people who do not have partners and who are choosing abstinence and celibacy, that is acceptable as well. 

Therapy Gets to the Root of the Matter

Sexual therapists help people with severe sexual dysfunctions. After a few meetings, most therapists can tell if you have a severe sexual health problem, or if you are just fine as you are. It helps to have a professional look at the facts in your case and advise you in regards to your sexual encounters and sexual health. Consider contacting someone who provides sex therapy if you want more information.