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Have You Suffered An Open Wound? Signs Of Infection You Should Watch For

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Whether you sustained a bite or a cut, any kind of open wound can be at risk of infection. Even if you responded quickly and treated the wound correctly, you may find that it gets infected later. For those who have never dealt with an infected wound of any kind, you might not recognize the signs of an infection in its early stages, which can allow it to become more severe. In its early stages, a wound infection can be quickly and easily treated at your local urgent care center, but they may need to do more extensive care if you don't react fast. Here are some signs to watch for that your wound may be infected and in need of an urgent care doctor's attention.

Red Area Around The Wound

As a wound becomes infected, you will often develop a red, inflamed area around it. You may even notice streaks of red radiating out from the initial area as the infection worsens. The inflammation caused by the infection is the result of this redness. While many wounds may appear red when they first happen, redness that develops in the days after the injury should be an immediate call for attention. 

Discharge From The Wound

Another key indication that an open wound is infected is discharge from the wound. Any kind of white, foamy, or pus-like discharge that comes from the wound is a sign that an infection has started. You may be tempted to flush the wound yourself, but it's important that you have symptoms like this evaluated by an urgent care professional to ensure that the infection isn't spreading. You may need an antibiotic to treat the problem.


An infection, even in a wound, is going to trigger your body's immune system response. One of the most common symptoms you'll experience from this immune system response is a fever. Much like any time you get the flu or a vaccine, your body's fever is a result of the work your immune system is doing to try to eliminate the virus or the infection. If you develop a fever after sustaining a wound, even if you don't see visible signs of infection, you should visit an urgent care center as soon as possible.

These are a few of the most common signs that you have an infection developing in an open wound. Watch for indications like these and reach out to an urgent care center right away if you have reason to believe that you need treatment. Contact a facility like Western WI Health to learn more.