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Reasons To Consider Breastfeeding Your Newborn

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Whether you're expecting or have just welcomed your child into the world, there are lots of decisions to be made about clothing, feeding, sleeping arrangements, and more. Working mothers used to have to take the cost of a breast pump into account as they made these decisions, but now it's fairly easy to get a breast pump covered by insurance. If your job doesn't provide health insurance, you may also be able to get a free breast pump from your local WIC office or through Medicaid. There are many reasons to sign up for your free breast pump, including the following: 

Facilitate the Return to Work

If you plan to return to work after your infant is born, having a breast pump on hand can be very helpful. Pumping will allow you to build up a supply of bottled or frozen milk so that the individual who cares for your child during the day can still feed them breast milk. This helps save money on formula costs and allows your baby to enjoy the health benefits that breast milk offers. In addition, you'll be more physically comfortable during the day, as you'll be able to express milk during breaks so that you can avoid feeling engorged. 

Allow Convenient Infant Feeding

When you utilize a free breast pump to build up a surplus supply of breast milk, you'll also allow for more convenient feeding sessions. If another member of the family, your partner, or a caregiver needs to feed your infant, they can do so with a bottle and expressed milk. This helps them bond with your baby while allowing you a bit of time to handle other tasks or rest up. 

Take a Night Off

Adjusting to new motherhood is difficult, especially when you're breastfeeding. Sometimes, all you want is the chance to eat your favorite foods, have a drink, or get a full night's sleep. Having a stockpile of breast milk allows you to do this, knowing that baby is well fed and happy.  Acquiring a breast pump allows you a chance to rest or take a night off so that you can remain in good spirits. You can also continue to work as much or as little as you'd like, while other carers feed your child. Having an infant in the house is exhausting, and a breast pump helps you share the burden. Ask your doctor's office how you can go about obtaining yours at your next appointment.