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Your Doula Experience: Why Getting Who You Want Is Essential

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A doula is a professional who assists with difficult or emotional tasks and often is the person most relied on for very vulnerable and intimate dealings. A birth doula and a death doula are common doula professionals that come up when considering these services. You should get who you want when you choose a doula. If you want a black doula, then you should be able to find a doula that you feel comfortable with. While it doesn't seem like a big issue to have a doula be a woman of color or a doula within a certain age range or even a specific spiritual belief in circumstances of having a baby or dealing with a death, these details and specifics in a human being make all the difference to your comfort in a special time. Your doula experience should always be about who makes you feel most comfortable and you should get who you want. Here are the reasons why.

A doula is your trusted helper in a vulnerable time

If you feel more comfortable with a black doula than any other doula when having a baby or dealing with your own upcoming death or death of a loved one, then this is a need that should not be ignored. This is because you're at a very vulnerable time when dealing with life and death, and the person assisting you should be someone you feel comfortable being around. If a woman of color relates more to you on a cultural or personal level, then this is important for the connection between you and your doula to be the most comfortable.

A doula is someone you trust and be able to relate to

A doula is a person who is going to be hands-on in helping you with a transition. If you feel intimidated by your doula or feel like you cannot relate to your doula because they don't share the same spiritual or cultural views, you can feel less inclined to trust their experience and guidance and this can affect your special time. You can have a black doula or other needs for a doula to make your experience more welcoming and trusting. Regardless of who you choose to be your doula, make sure the doula you select is someone who has the experience and skill in what you need them for.

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